Ziaur Rahman and HM Ershad can never be called previous or the ex-presidents of Bangladesh the prime minister Sheik Hasina said on Thursday. As the nation’s high court pronounced them illicit presidents.

Prime minister sheik Hasina added that, “On the off chance that Zia and Ershad are called previous presidents, then it’ll be the infringement of the higher court decision”.

Blaming the BNP for playing twofold standard in joining surveys under the AL government, PM said now she needs to see whether Khaleda Zia’s gathering tunes in the 30 December metropolitan decisions to be hung on partisan division.

“The mayoral surveys in pourasavas will be held under gathering flag… now we’ve to see what BNP does this time. In the event that they partake, then they’ll not have the capacity to say they don’t join surveys under the present government. It’ll an extraordinary misfortune for the gathering on the off chance that they blacklist,” she said including that the gathering developed through Ziaur Rahman who had caught influence unlawfully through executing, overthrow and trick.

Sheik Hasina told, “BNP is not taking an interest in the national race or any by-surveys, yet it did take an interest in the nearby government surveys by stretching out backing to their competitors, and they’re stating abroad that surveys are not free and reasonable”

Taking note of that AL had constantly made its each stride tolerating its gathering constitution and appointive guidelines, Hasina said if the neighborhood body surveys could have been held in fanatic way before, then our popular government and the nation’s political gatherings would have been much more grounded.

Prior, talking on the event, AL general secretary and open organization priest Syed Ashraful Islam said holding the resulting nearby government surveys in a free, reasonable and unbiased way is a tes

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