The world’s largest and popular video-sharing website YouTube has recently announced that it launch of local versions for Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, taking everyone by surprise in Pakistan.

Starting now, users of Pakistan will be coordinated to an Urdu-language version of the YouTube video sharing website at, which will highlight recordings slanting in the nation.

“We plan to give a significantly more customized YouTube experience by dispatching adaptations that are enhanced for Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We likewise trust this will prepare for the work of nearby inventors, identities, and artists to sparkle on the world’s biggest and most dynamic video group,” said a Google representative, refered to by Dawn daily paper. Google claims YouTube.

The Internet giant and parent org. of YouTube said users visiting the website’s main page from these nation of would be able to see videos and playlists that are famous in individual nation in their present languages – from the time people from Pakistan can search any video in YouTube in Urdu language. With over a billion month to month clients around the world, YouTube is the world’s biggest online video-sharing group, which is accessible in 88 nations locally, and also in 76 worldwide dialects, including Nepali, Urdu and Sinhalese, reported by the spokesperson.

The move is seen as a conceivable initial move toward a conclusion to Pakistan’s prohibition on YouTube. The boycott has been as a result subsequent to 2012, when the organization did not uproot what Pakistani powers said was a disrespectful film. The motion picture, “Guiltlessness of Muslims,” portrayed the Prophet Muhammad derogatorily. The motion picture started vicious dissents far and wide. YouTube said it will keep on following government solicitations to evacuate content.

Pakistan has blocked locales some time recently. In 2010, Pakistan close down Facebook for two weeks, saying the online networking site contained what Pakistani powers said was godless substance.

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