The whole culinary industry is now in shocked as the world’s best chef Benoit Violier found in mysterious dead at his own Swiss home. The local police confirmed at Monday morning that he was committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun at late Sunday afternoon.

Benoit Violier who was 44 years old recently named the world’s top chef. He ran 3 star Restaurant called L’Hotel de Ville in Crissier. His Restaurant voted world’s best restaurant by La Liste in this last December. He took over his restaurant with his wife Brigitte in 2012.


benoit violier and his wife

benoit violier and his wife

Till the initial evidence is proving that it is suicide case. But the prosecutor confirms that soon they will open a criminal investigation to find out the exact reason of Mr Violier’s death. Till then they deny to give any further comments about it by the respect to his family.

Last year he lost two most important person in his life one is his father and another is the man he regarded as a second father, chef and mentor Philippe Rochat. Philippe Rochat was died from a cycling injury in July. Now his death is found following them. His family and friends is in now in huge shocked.


“The whole gastronomic world is in tears because we lost a great colleague and friend,” Christian Le Squer said.

Chef Christian Lesquer is tweeted that “The stars weep. Benoit Violier was an immense chef and an understated and endearing man. Goodbye, friend,”.

Chef Paul Bocuse is also tweeted that “Great chef, great man, gigantic talent,”.

Chef Pierre Gagnaire. is also tweeted that “Very sad news about an extremely talented chef,”.

Fredy Girardet the Swiss chef, who also got the three Michelin stars, told the Swiss news source 24 Heures that he was “dumbfounded” by news of Mr Violier’s death.”He was a brilliant man,” he said. “Such talent, and an amazing capacity for work. He was so kind, with so many qualities. He gave the impression of being perfect.”
Another Swiss chef, Edgard Bovier from the restaurant La Table d’Edgard in Lausanne, described Mr Violier as the “Federer of cooking”. Mr Bovier told to 24 Heures in his own language that “He was a star for everyone who ate at his restaurant they knew and also felt him so approachable and warm ” .

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