Wikipedia launching a $100m fund to continue business for long term. They announced this news on their 15th birthday. To cope with the modern technology they took this decision. Wikipedia simply turned 15 years of age, however you would not know it from the near on certain gift drives – the crowd-sourced reference book frequently appears as though it’s months from eradication. The Wikimedia Foundation (its guardian association) might have an approach to keep the site around for the whole deal, be that as it may. It’s starting the Wikimedia Endowment, an “interminable” backing reserve for Wikipedia and other Foundation endeavors. The objective is to raise $100 million throughout the following 10 years, or enough to both enhance its autonomy and give it space to develop.

The Endowment might well be important. Wikipedia rotates around its free, no-promotions way to deal with data, and there’s no surety that it’ll sufficiently discover individuals to contribute. This keeps it from turning to advertisements and generally trade off its moderately unprejudiced position. In addition, the group is anxious to add more recordings and keep adjusting to the portable world – those extensions will cost cash. The association still must be parsimonious (it’s not going to beat YouTube), but rather it shouldn’t be at danger of falling behind.

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