Samsung formally declared the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at Mobile World Congress 2016 for discharge on March 11, 2016. Alongside some other Android gadgets, to be specific the LG G5, these new models accompanied a considerable measure of buildup.

A more profound examination concerning Samsung’s new leaders demonstrates that buildup is essentially all there is. Yes, the S7 and Edge are smooth, top notch gadgets running on Android’s most recent Marshmallow working framework—however as Engadget’s own particular Chris Velazco expressed so just, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are delightful, if obvious continuations. So these are extraordinary telephones, however I’m a little let down. To be completely forthright I have been somewhat shocked, not by the wonder of the S7, but rather by all it’s inadequate.

I have been utilizing Samsung telephones for around four years, since the arrival of the Galaxy S3. I’m at present outfitted with a Galaxy S5 that I adore. Hell on the off chance that I could have Marshmallow on my telephone, I most likely wouldn’t much consider an overhaul. Be that as it may, I do see a touch of slack on my variant of Lollipop, I know the telephone could be speedier and sleeker, and I’m a sucker for overhauled, new tech.

So is there any valid reason why i won’t be acquiring the new Galaxy S7 or Edge, despite the fact that the offer of a free Gear VR is convincing? I haven’t tried the telephone, however test drives of the S7 and Edge are progressing, best case scenario Buy, yet I’m disappointed by the specs and I don’t envision the new Galaxy could be vastly improved than my S5.


So the S7 and Edge both have a bigger battery than my current S5, yet a bounce from the S5’s 2800 mAh to the S7’s 3000 mAh is really inconsequential. Indeed, even the S7 Edge with a 3600 mAh battery is not convincing considering that the battery is not removable, so there’s no alternative for swapping.

Remote charging is one of the cool “new” elements of the S7 Edge, yet I don’t generally see a draw. Until charging turns out to be really remote, to the point where my telephone doesn’t need to sit unused on something that resembles a liner, I most likely won’t utilize it. I’m splendidly cheerful having a fitting standing out of the base of my telephone, in light of the fact that at any rate I can even now utilize the gadget.


Scouring the news about the Galaxy S7 Edge, a standout amongst the most widely recognized problem clients have with the S7 line is an absence of an IR blaster. An infrared blaster makes it conceivable to utilize your telephone as a remote control, and prepare to be blown away. My Galaxy S5 has one. It’s 2016, we shouldn’t have a requirement for remote controls any longer. Tech organizations ought to be solidifying gadgets, not forgetting includes that do only that. I utilize my telephone as a remote constantly. At the point when a standout amongst the most conspicuous first world issues is that remotes get stuck in the lounge chair, having a telephone that can go about as a remote is astounding.

At that point there’s the issue of memory. The S7 Edge and S7 accompany one choice for capacity, 32GB of capacity, and that is it. Knowing the amount Samsung (and my transporter Verizon) love bloatware, I’m wagering I’ll get not exactly the 25GB of usable stockpiling that PhoneScoop says I’ll get. The genuine issue is that despite the fact that there’s a small scale SD opening and backing for gigantic memory cards, that memory is not versatile. That implies that you’ll just have the capacity to exchange certain things to outer memory. In my own particular experience, I come up short on inward memory notwithstanding when I have a tremendous measure of outer space.

What about the processor on the S7 and Edge? It must be greater than the GS 5, correct? Off-base. Both the S7 and Edge accompany a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which is without a doubt zippy, yet at the same time littler than the 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 that accompanies the GS 5. I’m verging on positive that notwithstanding the distinction in size, the Snapdragon 820 is speedier, however it’s about standard. I’m returning to the subject of: why might I purchase another telephone just to downsize?


A standout amongst the most commended components of the S7 line is that it’s at the end of the day waterproof. With an IP68 rating, these telephones are secured all around ok for scuba plunging, as far as anyone knows. The Galaxy S5, with an IP 67 rating is just adequate for snorkeling. So in such manner, I figure the S7 wins, yet who truly needs to run scuba jumping with their telephone? Practically, a waterproof telephone ought to be sufficiently waterproof to survive a drop in the can and my telephone has done that numerous a period, including once today.

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