The White House has no plan about releasing Emails between President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They try to stop the release their handful communications by emails.  The Presidents of both parties want to keep their presidential communications confidential, officials said Friday. The Department released 7000 pages emails on Friday from Hilary’s email and it is the largest release of this agency’s since it began posting the records.

The Department of State discovered the Emails between President Obama and Mrs. Clinton as part of its effort. And they release the former secretary’s emails, there is thousands of conversations which were made public Friday. From those emails review shows Hilary Clinton engaged in many conversations with various aims about security of Libya. They discussing about talking points after then 2012 attackin Benghazi, Libya, and on a highlight – complaining about lack of the emoticons of her phone.

 President Obama’s direct responds with Hilary Clinton was forwarded by the State Department to the White House. And this is the fact of all which has decided to stop release; it was the part of an investigation into the administration’s handling of the Benghazi event.

Officially the White House said on Friday that their refusal to release of emails between President and secretary was not based on their contents. But it was intended to defend the principle that The President must have free to receive advices from their top aides. But why White House decides to stop the release of some emails between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton it is still a mystery.

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