US President Barack Obama has said the most ideal approach to battle terrorism is to demonstrate that the US doesn’t stifle Islam and its culture. Terming the late against Muslim talk in the US survey crusade as ‘unpardonable’.

In his first visit to a mosque in the US, Obama yesterday alluded to the late political talk against Muslims in the nation, where Christians are in lion’s share, and said Americans can’t be quiet spectators to extremism against any confidence. “An assault on one confidence is an assault on every one of our beliefs,” Obama said as he specified the late assaults against the Muslim group furthermore refered to ambushes on Sikh Americans who appear as though them.

Americans must talk up when any gathering is focused on. We need to regard the way that we have flexibility of religion,” Obama said.

“I realize that in Muslim groups over our nation this is a period of concern and, to be honest, a period of some apprehension. Like all Americans, you’re stressed over the risk of terrorism, yet on top of that, as Muslim-Americans, you likewise have another concern, and that is your whole group so frequently is focused on or reprimanded for the brutal demonstrations of the not very many,” the US President said.

Alluding to the late assaults on Muslim Americans, Obama said since 9/11, yet all the more as of late since the assaults in Paris and San Bernardino, they have seen time after time individuals conflating the horrendous demonstrations of terrorism with the convictions of a whole confidence.

“As we go ahead, I need each Muslim American to recollect that…your kindred Americans stand with you,” Obama said and guaranteed the youthful Muslim Americans, that, “you are not Muslim or American. You are Muslim and American.” Obama additionally asked the Muslim group to reject fanaticism and terrorism. s”.

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