The Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal warmly welcomed the Eiffel Tower as the 126-year-old landmark joined the smaller scale blogging website Twitter surprisingly this week, the greeting in a perfect new year.

“Welcome to Twitter, my sister,” tweeted Statue of Liberty on its handle @LaTourEiffel, later joined by the Taj Mahal — undeniably the most celebrated illustration of Mughal construction modeling and an Unesco legacy site.  On the other hand Statue of Liberty, The Taj Mahal also warmly greeted Eiffel Tower to the Twitter family.

The State of Liberity also welcomed its “sister” Eiffel Tower on Twitter. The colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York Harbor in the US tweeted.”Parisian since 1889, now I am shining on Twitter!” said one of the first tweets on the official record of the 1,063 ft-high tower nicknamed La Grande Dame by its maker Gustave Eiffel.

As per the authorities, they chose to open the Twitter record to give “news about the Tower, authentic certainties and additionally down to earth data.”

According to, “It welcomes as much as visitors than any other paid monument in the earth, an about 7 million people visited per year.The Taj Mahal joined New York’s Empire State Building in respecting the tall Paris tower to the universe of tweet

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