Mega-chain supershop Walmart announced that they are planning to start mobile payments to its shoppers which would be called as Walmart Pay. The service has possibility to start from next year as a feature in Walmart’s existing smartphone app. As from the current data Walmart accounts for about 10 percent of retail sales in the U.S. so it has possibility to challenge Apple Pay and Android Pay if a number of customers start using it.

Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay

It is expected that Walmart Pay will be available within first half of 2016. The characteristic of this app will customers need to open the Walmart app and have to submit a QR code to their cashier to check out including the payment information. Walmart reveals that it has currently about 22 million users.

But it is true that payment through an in-app QR code is embarrassing that many customers feel easy to use their debit or credit cards and check out in the traditional way.  Walmart yet not enable the NFC readers needed for Apple Pay. It is happened because of Walmart has linking with others retailer like Kmart, best Buy and 7-Eleven to set up a mobile payment app called CurrentC.

The fact about CurrentC hasn’t officially launched yet, it has already been criticized for difficulty to use and it may take next year be available to the customers.

Though Walmart appears to have taken initiative to launch Walmart Pay, but Walmart’s U.S. head of services Daniel Eckert said Walmart still has plan to go with the joint venture.

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