The royal corridors of Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s home, which is usually the preserve of paying visitors or guests, can now be seen through a new virtual reality tour. The queen’s primary residence can be accessed via a new video uploaded on the ‘British Monarchy YouTube Channel’ as part of a larger Google Expeditions Pioneer programme.


A virtual reality experience has been created for some of the palace’s state rooms, taking the viewer into the heart of the royal residence and bringing the ornate furniture, fixtures and fittings almost within grasp.Guests can remain at the base of the terrific staircase and have a right around 360-degree perspective of the structural miracle.


The palace will be the first UK landmark to feature in a related virtual field trip intended for schoolchildren around the world. They can likewise look down the photo exhibition at the Old Masters, for example, Canaletto holding tight the dividers, then pivot to see works of art behind them.The-State-Dining-Room-at-Buckingham-Palace

Different highlights incorporate voyages through the extravagantly brightened Green and White drawing rooms and the assembly hall – where knighthoods and OBEs are displayed by the Queen amid inductions – all joined by a virtual visit guide.


Search engine Google is behind the term and it has created a related ability for schools under its Expedition pioneer programme, but instead of having a virtual guide, teachers dictate the tour and highlight interestingterm for pupils.

Jemima Rellie, chief of substance and gatherings of people at the Royal Collection Trust which has worked together with Google for the venture, said: “For schoolchildren, Buckingham Palace is a standout amongst the most notable, supernatural structures on the planet.The-Blue-Drawing-Room-inside-Buckingham-Palace-in-1963

“We’re fabulously energized that, on account of the virtual reality capability of Google Expedition, youngsters, their instructors and families can visit the royal residence wherever they live.”

Sixteen cameras – known as a Jump camera rig – put around were utilized to take the photos a week ago.

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