Vanuatu law court verdicts 14 MPs to jail for dishonesty. Why Bangladesh can’t? Actually need perfect judgment where Vanuatu can but Bangladesh unable. In Bangladesh Politicians always get rid of from their dishonest jobs. Bangladeshi MP’s always doing corruptions but the general people never get the perfect justice. Recently our honorable Prime Minister made a history by sent to the jail MP Liton. Thanks Sheikh Haisna. We want justice always. Vanuatu sent 14 MP’s to the jail please sent our corrupted MP’s to the jail as soon as possible. As a daughter of Bangladesh maker Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman people always hope justice from you.

What Vanuatu Done?

Fourteen politicians in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu have been gave jail verdicts for dishonesty. The members of parliament were sentenced of corruption on 9 October, when President Baldwin Lonsdale was overseas. In his nonappearance, Parliamentary Speaker Marcellino Pipite rummage-sale his powers as substitute president to forgiveness himself and the others. On his reappearance the president upturned the absolutions, and the Supreme Court has now lined them unauthorized.

The judgement puts half the overriding party’s MPs overdue bars and styles it probable a new election will be named, in spite of the present management only taking supremacy in June, rendering to New Zealand’s TVNZ.

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