The Blue diamond, which is the most expensive and very rear in the world. It is 12.03 carats diamond.

The “Blue Moon” diamond which is sold at the price of $48.4 which is marking world most expensive and most valuable diamond.

“Most astounding cost per carat” ever acquired for any sort of stone, called Salesperson David Bennett

The record deal, which occurred at a Sotheby’s bartering in Geneva, was a feature in itself. In any case, when the effective bidder renamed it, ‘Blue Moon of Josephine’, tongues were set wagging.151112103215-blue-diamond-7-super-169

Only a day prior, at a Christie’s closeout, likewise in Geneva, an unknown bidder acquired a 16.08-carat pink precious stone, for $28.5 million. He named it, ‘Sweet Josephine.’

But do you know who Josephine is? The sale houses just unveiled that it had gone to a “Hong Kong purchaser,” yet the names of the precious stones gave signs to the buyer’s actual character. Different media confirmed that billionaire Joseph Lau which is the property firm Chinese Estates Holding as the gem`s current owner.

His assistant told over phone that diamonds were bought by Mr. Hoseph Lau only for his daughter. In 2009, Lau obtained a 7.03-carat blue jewel for $9.48 million. He named it, the ‘Star of Josephine.’

Last November, he obtained a 9.75-carat blue jewel for $32.6 million, calling it ‘The Zoe Diamond’ and in addition a Burmese ruby and precious stone ornament weighing 10.10 carats for $8.43 million, naming it ‘The Zoe Red.’

Lau is a productive gatherer of craftsmanship and wine, and has an affinity for lavish motions. He is the proprietor of a $17.4 million Andy Warhol picture of Mao Zedong. He additionally constructed Hong Kong’s tallest retail complex and named it ‘The ONE’, purportedly after an ex.

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