Yes, it is the very big issue for USA they are still remain in growing state of economy after recession. They got solid position of growing economy and adds 211,000 new jobs in November 2015. And the very good is that, growing statistics just passed their expected growth rate.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobless rate in US was 7.5% and now it is only 5%. The statistics of jobs showed the healthy job raises severely. The raising job sectors are construction, retail stores and food services. This growth line will rise the US interest rate after 10 years almost. Which was near zero in 2008, in the time of world financial crisis.

Tempus Consulting in Washington DC “Juan Perez”, said: “The most important thing from the reading is it’s in line with expectations. The change is obviously a positive because it’s above 200,000, and last month’s was revised up to 298,000.”

He also added: “But looking at this NFP (non-farms payrolls), and taking Yellen’s comments into account yesterday, which were basically that she likes what she’s seeing, we’re going to be increasing rates here in the States on 16 December.”


Courtesy: BBC

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