Tea lovers cannot start their morning without taking a cup of tea. If drinking tea works like a good medicine then why don’t you try it? Drinking milk tea Instead of drinking green tea is not a good idea. For this sake we should know the benefits of drinking green tea which we probably we don’t know. After knowing the benefits ignoring green tea will be impossible for us. So let’s take a look on those benefits.
1. Green tea helps to increase metabolism as polyphenol is available in it which helps to intensify fat oxidation.
2. Drinking green tea regularly helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
3. Green tea can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart disease or stroke.
4. Antioxidants in green tea can make the risks lower of various types of cancer.
5. As green tea can increase fat burning it can improve our physical performance.
6. All the compounds available in green tea can improve our brain function and make us smarter.
7. Green tea can increase the good cholesterol in our body as well as decrease the bad cholesterol.
8. Catechin of green tea can kill the germs and bacteria of our teeth which often responsible for throat infection and dental issues.
9. Green tea can easily kill the cancer cells of our body without doing any harm to our body.
10. Green tea helps to prevent the rising amount of sugar in our body which helps to avoid Diabetes as well as fat storage inside our body.
11. Psychologists used to suggest green tea to reduce depression as theanine found in the tea leaves. It really works like magic against depression.
12. Lots of girls have a problem of wrinkles and signs of aging. Green tea is the best solution for them.
Green tea can also prevent the sun damage of our skin.

Having a lot of weight, skin problem, heart problem, sugar problem is really a well known problem now days. We can easily reduce those problems by drinking green tea everyday. But drinking a little amount of green will not be enough to get rid of these problems. Minimum five cups of tea is a must in this case. We can make our life smarter and can live fresh by drinking green tea every single day.

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