Twitter has hinted a plans to develop its character limit from 140 to 10,000. It is the new working task which is taken to the high authority in Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that while the notorious 140-character limit was a “beautiful constraint”, change was being explored to respond to its users’ needs.

By reports, Twitter is building another element that will permit clients to tweet longer than its customary 140-character point of confinement. The organization is as of now considering a 10,000-character breaking point, reported, including that Twitter might dispatch this element toward the end of the first quarter.

“Twitter is at present testing a variant of the item in which tweets show up the same way they do now, showing only 140 characters, with some sort of invitation to take action that there is more substance you can’t see,” said, citing sources. Tapping on the tweets will then grow them to uncover more substance. The 140-character point of confinement has been around the length of Twitter has and has turned out to be a piece of the item’s identity.

The test is a piece of CEO Jack Dorsey’s guarantee for strong changes to Twitter to get it out of its moderate development, Wall Street Journal reported. “You will see us keep on scrutinizing our converse sequential course of events, and all the work it takes to fabricate one by finding and taking after records,” Dorsey said not long ago.

“We keep on demonstrating a scrutinizing of our essentials so as to make the item less demanding and more open to more individuals,” he included. The converse sequential course of events has been principal to Twitter since it started nine years back and has seemed well and good for a continuous administration.

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