Yes, Trump v Sanders: Billionaire and socialist shake up US election 2016. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have shaken up the US presidential race with conclusive triumphs in the New Hampshire essential.

Very rich person Mr Trump is liable to get more than double the quantity of votes of the following Republican hopeful about US election 2016.

Representative Bernie Sanders, who beat Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by a gigantic edge, said his triumph demonstrated individuals needed “genuine change”. Both competitors are riding on a rush of discontent with standard legislative issues.

The point of the essential race is to pick which competitors will speak to the Republican and Democratic gatherings in November’s presidential decision.

On Tuesday Ohio Governor John Kasich came next in the Republican vote, with previous Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio all competing for third place.

New Hampshire is the second state to pick delegates in the long designation fight taking after a week ago’s Iowa assemblies, which were won by Mr Cruz for the Republicans and Mrs Clinton for the Democrats.

The outcome offers force to the champs in front of the following challenges in South Carolina and Nevada.

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