The Time Higher Education world ranking is the best international performance table to judge the world best universities in this world. They rank the universities by their performance, teaching, knowledge, research and international outlook. From the Time Higher Education World University Ranking 2015-16 we present here top 5 universities information.

1. California Institute of Technology:

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of technology, California is the top university in this world. From the past three years it ranks first position. Approximately 249 students make up the freshmen class in 2017. They selected from 5,535 students application. There are total 977 undergraduate students. This all students immerse themselves research culture and gain close access to star professors. They have 300 professional faculty and 600 research scholars. This university is really in an interdisciplinary, carefully hires scholars, it offers strong support and freedom for all the students as well as faculties. They give proper opportunities for all undergraduates in all level. The overall ranking of this University is 95.2%.

2. University of Oxford:

University of Oxford

University of Oxford situated in oxford England. It is a collegiate research university. Now this university is in 2nd position. This university is the oldest university over the world. Now it has 19,919 students among them 34% students are international. The ratio of male and female students is 46:54. And students and stuff ratio is 11.6. Its overall ranking is 94.2%.

3. Stanford University:

Stanford University

Stanford University is the most prestigious university among the world’s located in Stanford California. It is also a private research university. It ranks 3rd position in the Time Higher Education world ranking. It has 15,596 students and among them 22% is international student. The ratio of female and male students is 42:58 and the ratio of students and stuff is 7.8. Its overall ranking is 93.9%.

4. University of Cambridge:

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is 2nd oldest university in this world. It’s located in Cambridge, England. It is morally known as collegiate public research university. It has 18,812 students among them 34% is international. The ratio of female and male students is 46:54 and the student and staff ratio is 11:8. The overall ranking of this university is 92.8%.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university situated in Cambridge Massachusetts. This year it gets 5th position in the Time Higher Education world ranking. It has 11,074 students among them 33% is international students. Female and male ratio is 37:63 and the student and stuff ratio is 9. Overall ranking of this university is 92.0%.

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