Chocolate is one of the most romantic gifts for lovers and partners, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. there are some chocolate brands in the world 2015 that would never make a gift underestimated.

1.Ferrero Rocher

'Ferrero Rocher'

Now the world best chocolate brand is Ferrero Rocher with its high quality and service. Ferrero Rocher is an Itakian brand. As the main chocolate brand name comprehensively, Ferrero Rocher has been in its prime for over 200 years. Since 1981, Ferrero Rocher has been pulling in a great many individuals with enthusiasm on chocolate at each side of the globe. With one present to your companions, relatives or accomplice, they would feel “each” adoration for yours through the profound consideration and super expert aptitudes of the creators from Ferrero Rocher.

2. Guylian


The famous Belgian chocolate brand ‘Guylian’ is a richly designed and manufactured product in the world. It is acclaimed for the one of a kind, expert, enchantment and exceptionally altered chocolate bars requested straightforwardly by the clients to the skilled workers who specifically make their exhibitions by hand. Conceived in Belgium, Guylian has spread to more than 40 nations everywhere throughout the world with a picture of luxuriously planned bars with the institutionalized moves like ocean shell shape, and cooked hazelnut added substances, and so forth.

3. Galaxy


To consider affection for the chocolate taste, Galaxy would be one brand which makes a man sleep profound into confirmation of its mutter taste. The Makers of Galaxy are same as Mars yet the delightfulness is included by the rich utilization of undulated milk with hot cocoa splattered with natural product fixings and sweet flavors. Its outlets are spread all over UK, African areas and the Middle East.

3.Lindt & Sprungli

Where it all started: ZŸrich Year founded: 1845 Annual sales: $2.15 billion/CHF2.6 billion (2006) How much will it set you back? Try a 15-piece assorted gift box for $15 Started by the SprŸnglis as a small business in 1845, innovative leadership catapulted the company into expansive growth, which included the acquisition of famous chocolate-maker Rodolphe Lindt's brand. Popular items include their wrapped Lindor truffles and simple premium chocolate bars that are regular duty-free favorites.

The famous Lindt & Sprungli started its journey in Switzerland. The brand developed in 1845 in Zurich. David Sprungli and Rodolphe Lindt skilled the world one of the extremely remarkable tastes it had ever tasted. Placing craftsmanship into candy parlor, the brand reliably keeps running for bias everywhere throughout the world for having the finest white chocolate blended with milk and granular fixings.

5. patchi


One of the most inspiring chocolate bars in the world is patchi. Built up in 1974, chocolatier Nizar began making gourmet desserts in exceedingly alluring and grand pressing. It at first began as a top of the line present for individuals and could be modified as indicated by the need.

6. Cadbury


The world biggest outselling chocolate product is Cadbury. Cadbury’s items offer delectable kinds of milk, organic product, sugar, cream or even nectar in the sorts of lovely bars, nuts, crunches or wafers.

7. Mars


The celebrated superb Mars bar is the most noteworthy offering and devoured chocolate by countless everywhere. Having its roots in the UK going back to 1932, the supernatural taste of its fixings changed verily, reconstituting and giving it an alternate pack shape.

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