World Health Organization (WHO) published a report about the levels of alcohol consumption in 194 member countries of its. And they made a list for Heaviest Alcohol Drinking Countries of the world. Here they shows mot prolific alcoholic drinkers in the world are UK. Where the first position about heaviest drinking country took by the Belarus, the people from Belarus taking 17.5 liters pure alcohol in a year per person. Where second position for Republic of Moldova, they taking 16.8 liters per year per person. In US it is 9.2 liters. Australia having 12.2 liters and Canada having 10.2 liters. In northern African & Middle East the mean figure is not more than 2.5 liters.

One most important thing is revealed by this analysis. Almost 3.3 million people across the world died for taking alcohol. And the alcohol causes to create risk of developing more than 200 diseases including cancer and liver cirrhosis. The mean figure worldwide 6.2 liters alcohol taking each year by per person.

Top 10 Heaviest Alcohol Drinking Countries list are given below –

1. Belarus
2. Republic of Moldova
3. Lithuania
4. Russian Federation
5. Romania
6. Ukraine
7. Andorra
8. Hungary
9. Czech Republic and Slovakia
10. Portugal

The figure is calculated taking information for the duration from 2008 to 2010. And the report released by the WHO (World Health Organization).

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