Education is the most important things for everyone throughout the world. Every country is not better at it in every ways. One is better than others in some aspects. Pearson an education group occasionally analyzes the statements balancing assessable things such as grades. This group recently releases the ranks of different countries assuming their achievement on their education system.

Read the list of the top ten performing countries in education basic according to the investigation from the United Nations brought together in the SPI basic education ratings:

1. South Korea

A violent competition is held between Japan and South Korea for the 1st rank. Japan is defeated by Koreans in 3 levels. Japan has the lack of investment in “Children Education” and that’s why Japan goes to no#2 in the ranks. The children of South Korea always attend the schools seven days of a week. Last year the national education budget was $11,300,000,000. Literacy rate is 97.9% in which total 99.2% are males and 96.6% are females. The GDP (PPP) per capita in 2014 is counted $34,795.

2. Japan

Japan invest more on the education by the technology based educational structure that gives vast figures in the knowledge. The GDP almost 5.96 trillion USD is an evidence to prove the fact.

3. Singapore

Having a strong and highly ranked primary education system it ranked for the 3rd place. The GDP $64,584 USD is an evidence to prove the fact.

4. Hong Kong

The primary, secondary and higher education levels brought them to rank on no#4 position. English, Chinese and Cantonese are the conventional languages for their educational texts. Literacy rate is 94.6% there. The GDP $404.892 billion per capita is an evidence to prove the fact.

5. Finland

The negative aspect of the admission system for the premature child admission is a main downside of the system. System of no tuition fees system has an annual educational budget of €11.1 billion. The GDP is less than $36,395 per capita.

6. United Kingdom(UK)

UK have the credit for their own educational system’s success. The Scottish, Northern Irish Welsh and English governments are working through their individual basis despite trading under UK’s authorities. The GDP is 21st highest in the world with $38,711 per capita.

7. Canada

English and French are the conventional language for their educational texts. The literacy rate is not less than 99%. Educational Agenda differs from 180-190days. The college graduates ranked the global highest proportion. The percentage will be more after emphasizing on the children education. The GDP is $44,656 per capita.

8. Netherlands

The small asset, weak arrangement in the high school education placed Netherland in the 8th position. The GDP is $42,586 per capita.

9. Ireland

The cost free education system from the primary to the secondary/university level makes the educational system more impressive. The literacy rate is 99%. The GDP is 8.759 billion euro.

10. Poland

Pearson makes it worlds no#10 educational developed country for its well established educational system in the primary to university level. The GDP is $21,118 per capita.

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