YouTube is one of the most popular video website and here is the list of most popular music video on YouTube. Every year YouTube chart selects the most viewed video on YouTube. It is the most popular subsides of google. Google bought it in 2006. Three most popular video on YouTube is present for you.

1. Gangnam Style:


Gangnam style is the first most popular music video on YouTube. It is recorded by the South Korean pop singer Psy. On July 15, 2012 this hit song was first released and on 21 December, 2012 it takes the first place on YouTube history. It was from Psy’s 6th album called psy 6 and the lead single video. Gangnam style was the first video which receives billion viewers on YouTube. It is viewed almost 2,507,445,596 times. It ranked 1st place till now.

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2. Blank Space:

Taylor-Swift- Blank Space

Blank Space is the second most popular music video on YouTube. It is recorded by the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. She is also written the lyrics of this famous song. This song is come from her fifth studio album called 1989. This song was first release on 10th November, 2014 in Republic Records. On November 10, 2014 this song was first uploaded on YouTube and get 2nd highest viewed almost 1,434,486,935 time. Till now it ranked the 2nd position on YouTube history.

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3. See You Again:

 See You Again

See You Again is the 3rd most popular music video on YouTube. This song is recorded by the American Rap singer Wiz Khalifa and is featured by American singer Charlie Puth. This song was authorized as the soundtrack of the 2015 action film Furious 7 which was a tribute to the late Paul Walker. This song was first released on 17th March 2015. “See You Again” was composed in memory of Paul Walker, who kicked the bucket in a solitary vehicle mischance on November 30, 2013 in Valencia, California. Since the taping of Furious 7 was in progress, Paul’s siblings offered to venture in so the motion picture could be finished. It is the 3rd highest viewed video on YouTube almost 1,400,394,536 time. Till now it ranked 3rd position in YouTube history.

Watch the See You Again video

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