The Real Martian Spinoffs is the most influential invention of NASA. It is the commanding rocket ever invented by NASA. It is influential than the mighty Saturn V that seized humans to the moon, NASA’s currently developed newest rockets, the Space Launch System(SLS) with the ability to drive the astronauts to the deepest part of the space than before. The NASA’s structural design for Journey to Mars can use Orion, SLS and a deep space environment to reach the planet. Now humans don’t need to be dreamt of pacing feet on Mars, They can surely do it. But a massive amounts of energy produced by advanced propulsion and power generation system is essential for this.

For The Real Martian Spinoffs series, products and technologies associated to ion propulsion, solar power and radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) development are mentioned. ION Propulsion is a great idea of NASA. Using fuel and electrical power ion propulsion enables the spaceships to travel faster and cheaper than other technologies. It generates a small amount of thrust for long periods of time than chemical propulsion. Solar power plan created by reflecting sunlight off a RTG use the heat to produce the electricity from radioactive elements such as plutonium.


Courtesy: NASA Website

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