Human brain consists of three parts. They are:
1. Conscious mind
2. Subconscious mind and
3. Unconscious mind.
Conscious mind is considered as the gardener, cultivating seeds, while the Subconscious mind is considered as the garden, or fertile soil in which the seeds grow. Conscious mind is the warden to the gates of the subconscious mind. It plays an important role to make the existence of only excellence thoughts into the subconscious mind. Only understanding the thoughts and beliefs of subconscious mind, we can manifest our lives.

The Subconscious is the thing that is held outside of conscious awareness, without having to give attention on the things are happening. It can be defined as a huge memory store. Its capability is unlimited. It stocks Memories, past experiences, deepest beliefs, everything in mind that ever happens to us. It always remains active. It controls the entire body. We cannot be able to hear the inner silent process with the power of conscious mind. Subconscious mind helps to expect and think only positive things based on allegiance, justice and love. It’s like a light that can motivate to realize ones desires and make all dreams come true. Subconscious mind gives the thoughts and ideas to create new inventions and discoveries with infinite intelligence. It finds out the hidden powers, shows the actual belongings of the power and knowledge to go ahead with security, joy and command.

A protestant minister was suffering from lung cancer. When he was suffering from his illness he wrote a letter describing his methods of converting thoughts of perfect health in his subconscious mind: “Two or three times a day, I put my body and soul in a relaxed state, repeating these words: “My feet are completely relaxed, my legs are relaxed. Right now, my stomach muscles are relaxing. My heart is beating quietly; my breathing is calm and relaxed. My head is completely relaxed; my whole body is completely relaxed and calm.” After about five minutes, when I got into a drowsy, sleepy state, I repeated: “The perfection of the God’s plan finds its expression in me. My subconscious mind is filled with thoughts of that I have perfect health. My image is spotless before God.” That is how the minister got cured himself by the power of his subconscious mind.

A Expansive Dynamics Of The Subconscious Mind

A Expansive Dynamics Of The Subconscious Mind

We can utilize the power of subconscious mind in some ways:

1. Subconscious mind can solve all the questions and problems.
2. The effect of subconscious mind can affect us as a form of emotions, or any other circumstances.
3. Erase the stress, anxiety and fear by developing the thoughts of health and peace in your subconscious mind. Because those things can interrupt the natural pulse of heart and breathing.
4. Before sleeping, place a task to your subconscious mind it will provide a miraculous result.
5. Always we have to try to think positive. Because all of our dreams, fantasies and feelings are recognized in our subconscious mind and then it interferes in our life.
6. We should heal the body from illness and phobias to remain healthy.
7. We have to be confident to do something daring, always cherished.
8. We should have to gain the secret of “Eternal Youth”.

Subconscious mind unlocks the prison of the mind and gives the freedom of life. It gives released from all kinds of material or physical bondage. Clinical hypnotherapy, energy psychology and even brainwave entertainment are some virtual things to unlock the power of subconscious mind. If we are starting to live with harmony with our inner self, the state of subconscious mind will be made over.

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