Usually people do not speak in a continuance tone. Even someone who couldn’t make a tune makes different tune to ask a question. To make a sentence like “it is the first time I have even seen you”, here the word seen is wording in a higher playing field than the rest of the words.

In many languages, the playing field for vowels and consonants is important for differentiate between two words. “Honey” and “Bunny” the two words are sounds different only because of their starting words. Imagine if “honey” said on a high tune meant “a sweet, sticky yellowish-brown fluid make by bees or other insects from nectar and collected from flowers” and “bunny” said on a low tune meant “a child’s term for a rabbit”. That is what it calls a tonal language. The people make it in their entire life but they don’t even realize about it.

All languages are similarly “musical”. Majority thinks Russian speaker, German or Chinese are less musical. English speakers think the same about it. Italians are appears as a “musical” language because of having European school of music like science uses Italian nomenclature to symbolize rhythm, tempo, mood etc. it is a poetic language with best literature.

The top 10 ranking of the tonal languages are given below:
1. Italy
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Portuguese
5. English
6. Japanese
7. Russian
8. Ukrainian
9. Greek
10. Sinhalese.

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