The show “The Honey Roads” unites the product of 10 years of flying out to find the honey bees on the planet. As a submitted picture taker, I try to demonstrate the marvels of the universe of honey bees to better bring issues to light amongst the general population about their reason.

Bee Road

This presentation thrills me on the grounds that it puts the honey bees in the heart of the capital for four months and offers them extraordinary perceivability when the COP 21 gathering on atmosphere will happen in Paris in December 2015.

With more than a million guests, this presentation speaks to an uncommon opportunity to demonstrate our sympathy toward honey bees, and for every single living thing, and in addition to better become acquainted with about them and convey a solid sign about the requirement for their conservation.


With each of my photographic elements, I come to see more about honey bees. I am constantly astonished by their mind blowing assorted qualities and their insight; I turn out to be more mindful of the basic spot they involve in the cycle of life and their significance for mankind. It’s this wonder of nature that I impart to the overall population through shows and productions, keeping in mind the end goal to stir enthusiasm for a vital test.

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