The Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra says she is loving her occupation and is amped up for the debut of the second season of her global TV appear “Quantico” on March 6.

“17 hours!! What is going on! Thank god I cherish my occupation! Body feeling battered… Need a decent Zzzzz. Love ya world! Quantico March 6,” tweeted Priyanka. The previous Miss World, who is one amongst the numerous worldwide names who will be a moderator at the highly pined for Oscar honors function, has gathered universal popularity for her lead part as Alex Parrish in American TV arrangement “Quantico”.

Priyanka says that keeping up womanliness in uniform was one testing errand for her. “When you are playing an intense character, when you are wearing a uniform it turns out to be exceptionally hard to keep up womanliness and that was imperative to me.

“Prakash-ji and I examined that as a lady, it’s essential to praise womanhood but then in the meantime be in a position of power and that is the manner by which Abha is, which is altogether different from how we see intense ladies,” the performing artist said in an announcement.

“When they do activity groupings, ladies some way or another have a tendency to lose their womanliness. It’s wonderful that Abha is greatly female and extremely effortless yet in the meantime not somebody to be underestimated. She is extremely smooth and stately and I delighted in playing her,” she included.

“Jai Gangaajal” rotates around a lady IPS officer, who is acquired an all-around oiled arrangement of the effective, as she is thought to be frail, flexible and simple to control. Notwithstanding, things get to be troublesome for them when she comes into fierce mode. “Jai Gangaajal” returns to the dusty heartland of focal India and inspects the general public police relationship.

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