Capitals of European Unions make tighten their security for celebration of new year. Most of the European countries takes additional security in time of new year celebrations. Actually they took this security to make ensure safety for the general people from the terrorist attack.

Belgian capital Brussels suspended the festivities and fireworks for new year celebration for alert on terror attacks. Extra security forces used in different cities contains London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin because of alert.

Turkish police arrest two suspicious people from Ankara city as they are IS members and they might make plan to attack in new year celebration program in Ankara. Belgian police also arrest two suspected IS members where they could made plan to attack in the time of festive in Belgium.

Also the authorities from Moscow just closed the Red Square completely because of the threats of attack. Also they increase the security in other cities in Russia.

Berlin just prohibit the use of backpacks in the time of new year celebration. So, the German authority just ban the use bags in celebration program of new year because of millions of people join that programs to enjoy their new year first day.

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