Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India met with his counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan for the duration of surprise visit to Lahore, Pakistan. The time When PM Modi returning to India from Afganistan that time he decided to visit Pakistan and to meet with Nawaz Sharif during the time of Pakistani PM’s Birthday.

That is the first time after 2004, an Indian PM visiting Pakistan. The threat was the major issue between these two nuclear armed countries but now it is turning to start relations to improve.

Before that the two PM met and hugged in Paris last month for the duration of the COP21 climate change conference.

Their main point to discuss is the border. In the time of 2014 when Narendra Modi become the Indian PM, he tried to increase India’s international profile. Actually after 1947 the two countries India and Pakistan have fought three years.

These two countries claimed for Kashmir border and both of than are in the struggle to get Kashmir since last 60 years.

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