In the time when Greece is in war. Set in the fifth century BC, the old universe of Greece is in turmoil, under danger from Xerxes and his Goliath Persian Empire, entire urban communities are disintegrating under the heaviness of his armed force. This is a world where legislative issues and strategy demonstrate as sharp as the edges of battle. Couple of men have set out to ascend against Xerxes and his attacking armed forces. The general population require a saint – somebody to stand up and unite Greece in the fight against his realm. With direction from King Leonidas and assistance from his Spartan armed force, you will sharpen your capacities as a strategist, representative and a pioneer, while you assemble an armed force unrivaled by even that of Xerxes. Harvest Resources, manufacture your City and train an armed force sufficiently intense to smash any restriction. Extend your City, overcome others and bring to the front line with the most fearsome warriors in all of Sparta. Xerxes’ armed force demonstrates no leniency in their invasion of Greece – manufacture collusion, cooperate and show Xerxes a lesson in Sparta: War of Empires™.

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Essentially having an extensive armed force is insufficient to win the war against Xerxes – you should be an expert of the vital expressions on the off chance that you wish to stand a chance against his armed force. Join a Coalition or make and add to your own particular to battle close by different Arc-hons, involve different Cities and expand your control over Greece. Battle together and participate with different Arc-hons to annihilation rival Coalitions, pick up popularity and appreciate the riches of war. By making your own particular Coalition and helping different Arc-hons, you can supply Resources, Articles and even Reinforcements to one another in times of need. To succeed and conquer Xerxes’ staggering numbers, it will take a group of numerous. You’ll have to cooperate and ace fight methodology on the off chance that you have any desires for triumph – against Xerxes, no Arch-on can serve.

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