Spectrophobia is the fear of ghosts. Or we can say it Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia from Greek word ‘phasmos’ which means ‘supernatural being/phantom’ and phobos which means ‘deep dread or fear’.. Spectrophobia originates from ‘specters’ or ‘reflection’.Most of the people like to say that “Oh! no , I fear ghost ?? ” Have they ever think why?? . This fear is deeply ingrained in us right since childhood fuelled further by TV shows as well as religion and culture.
I saw in my 23 years lifetime that many people having extreme fear of ghosts. When they are sleeping alone they cant stay without turning on light .Ghosts have power to turn off your light then what will you do ?? Ha ha i am just kidding .. Anyway lets come to the point …
Causes of Spectrophobia
Anticipatory anxiety: fear of the dead or unknown are mainly responsible for triggering Spectrophobia. This is fuelled further by movies, scary folktales, religious/superstitious beliefs.
The Amygdala: Before saying its definition I want to give an example, from childhood some of we are hearing please eat otherwise ghost will come or don’t stay in the dark . There’s a song “Its Halloween , Its Halloween , Stay in the Light ” , so from the childhood this “Ghost ” word is very known to us and so we tend to recollect those fearful events each time we are left alone or in the dark. So amygdala is a part of the brain secretes a chemical that triggers fear. The brain simply does this as part of its defense mechanism.
Although TV shows, Hollywood movies, culture or religions also steep in our fear of ghosts.
Scientists believe that Spectrophobia is actually the fear of our own death or things to come. The concept of ‘returning dead people’ haunting a household might sometimes be triggered by stress which comes from the belief that someone they are close to is about to die.
Symptoms of Spectrophobia
Spectrophobia can be as dangerous as a affected person suffers from many physical, social and emotional symptoms.
Lying awake at night, hallucinating, jumping at every sound one hears are few of the most common symptoms of fear of ghosts.
#Heart palpitations, stress and anxiety or panic attacks
#Children might start to scream, cry or wet their beds.
#Many sufferers show impaired performance at school or work because of their sleepless nights for fearing ghost .
#Insomnia, dizziness, fainting, increased urinary frequency may also be observed in patients.
#Patients express fear of dying, of going crazy or of imminent disaster.
3Fear of mirrors, fear of photographs, fear of shadows and fear of the darkFear of MirrorWays to Overcome
1. Adults with Spectrophobia must try to understand their fear. They can list down situations which trigger the fear by writing down their response as well as ways in which they can change the response each time.
2. It is important to get support from friends and family .
3. Parents must play an important role in treating their child’s fear of ghosts. They can help the child feel brave through make believe, role play or positive tales of heroism and bravery to help the child cope with its fear.
Just think You are brave enough , just try to stay at least one night alone in darkness . Fear is not a characteristic of a Perfect Human . …..

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