In 13 November 40 miles of distance from Sri Lanka’s coast in Indian Sea, a mysterious space junk will crush on the Earth. Scientist assumes that it will be not so much destructive. There are no accurate concepts about the space junk which gone be crush on the Earth that’s why it is a mysterious to all.

Researchers of the USA are saying the Junk can be 7 foot long and it is not part of any Asteroid. Have you any idea about Space Junk?  The space Junk is manmade wastes from orbit around the Earth. It is assumed it can be recently explosion result from Space or any destroyed tools that used in Apollo Mission. Researchers of Catalina Sky Survey identify this space junk from University of Arizona’s Lab. They identify the junk when they searching for asteroids and comets around the Earth. The researchers called it ‘WTF 1190 F’ or ‘WTF’.

 The researcher of Harvard-Smithsonian Center Fall Astrophysics Jonathan McDaniel said in Nature magazine, ‘A losing piece of space history is coming back to the Earth again’. Astronomy software developer Bill Gray claims, ‘WTF 1190F’ travels in a parabolic orbit.

Space Research Institute NASA gives us information about space junk, above 5 laces of space junk in orbit of the Earth. Form those space junk or space wastes, every year some junk remove from orbit and fall in the Earth. This kind of Junk is clashes with Ambient and burn when they fall into the Earth. Then it can be danger for the Earth. Researchers are said that, the Junk will burn and getting smaller before it fall. The junk fall into the Outlying area where will be population free. That’s why researchers are assuming that it’ll be fewer damages by falling the Space Junk. (Courtesy: Express, Daily Mail, Zee News)

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