South Asia has failed to proper utilize the natural and physical resources, according to UNDP’s Human Development Reports. And has attempted to assess the impact of South Asia’s economic.

It reviewed that the economic progress of five possible countries – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Mahbub ul Haq was the founder and chief engineer of the UNDP’s Human Development Reports. He established the Human Development Center in Islamabad in his name in 1995. The report takes note of that Bangladesh, in spite of a low for every capita GDP, has performed sensibly better regarding change in social markers than such nations as India and Pakistan.

The Lahore-based Center has kept on dispatching human advancement reports concentrating on South Asia even after his passing. Tuesday’s occasion was the Dhaka dispatch of the middle’s 2015 report. BRAC Institute of Governance and Development facilitated the dispatch with its official executive Sultan Hafeez Rahman in the seat.

The report takes note of that financial development typically extends livelihood opportunities and expands development. “In any case, this does not happen consequently”. A solid connection between monetary development and livelihood creation requires the plan of job producing approaches.

It draws on the East Asian sample, where managed long haul development extended job and raised efficiency. South Asia, then again, has as of late been standing up to a circumstance of jobless development.

“The region has adequate knowledge, technology, political strength, ability, resources, and institutional capacity to make it possible to develop the society”.

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