Despite the fact that smoking is harmful to health, many people are not excluded from it. May be the reason is to quit smoking is the hardest task in this world. But nothing is impossible in today’s world. Strong will power and proper techniques and tricks can make it possible. Here is some easy tricks to quit smoking.

1. Make a strong decision:

Make a strong decision

To quit smoking first and foremost way is to make a strong decision. Whom who don’t have strong will power they never can quit smoking. So prepare yourself that you will start to do this great job. You will only think about yourself, your health and your family. It is the test about your will power and love of family.

2. Check your smoking routine:

Check your smoking routine

After taking your decision now your work is to check when you smoke most of the time. Because usually people do smoke after taking their meal or before taking their meal or when they wake up or hanging with friends or when they are in stress etc. So find your time and also find alternative way of doing smoking like drink more water and chose smoking free environment. You can make a plan. It is hard to stop it in sudden so you can stop it gradually. For this it is necessary to make plan.

3. Set a non-Smoking policy:

Set a non-Smoking policy

Now your work is make an environment where smoking is not allowed. First you clean your own environment. You clean your room your car. Make a fresh start. Then you avoid those people who can smoke in front of you. And try to advise them to join you and stop smoking. You can also try to hangout with those people who don’t smoke. Another way is you announce your friends and family that you will take this decision. So that they will encourage you and it will really helpful for you.

4. Nicotine replacement therapy:

Nicotine replacement therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy is another useful way to stop smoking gradually. If you join any stop smoking program nearest to your home it will also help you. You can use nicotine patches and also can use Nicotine chew gum which is also good idea.

5. Celebrate your success:

Celebrate your success

For making this wonderful decision you can celebrate it as you follow all instructions. You can invite your close ones as they will motivate you and this motivation feels you motivated and energetic. Final thing is that never loses your hopes and never gives up.

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