Russia recently led a massive airstrikes that have torched more than 1,000 tankers of Islamic State. Russian passenger aircraft destruction, that is suspected to the IS forced Russia to lead this attack and in last three days Russia hit 472 targets in Syria, making 141 sorties.

Major General Igor Konashenkov confirms safe returns of Russian aircraft after this deadliest attack and he added that warplanes have been conducting active supplemental reconnaissance and adding newly exposed targets.

Konashenkov revealed that bombers taking off from the Khmeimim airbase targeted to ruin tanker conveys and oil refineries in the areas of oilfields in the north and east of Syria and ruined a major oil depot that is 15 kilometers of the city of Raqqa. Sukhoi Su-34 bombers also hit a IS controlled oil refinery about 50 kilometers south of Raqqa which is the unrecognized capital of the Islamic State militants.

Russia started counterterrorist operation in Syria on September 30 after Moscow got a request from Syrian president Bashar Assad. Russian operation includes Su-34, and Su-24M bombers, Su- 25 attack aircraft, Su-30SM fighters and Mil Mi-8 and Mi- 24 helicopters. There were more 37 new planes included in last week by a decision.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has vowed to revenge the responsible persons behind the Sinai plane attack. He also motivated to continue and strengthened such operation in future.

A heavy airstrike on IS targeting their oil depot.

Russian airplanes have ruined over 1,000 ISIS tankers which is containing crude oil that is the earning source to them.

Attack on oil depot.

Russia’s Caspian Flotilla ships also used two massive cruise missile strikes by Kalibr NK ship-born cruise missiles, on this recent attack..

Such dreadful attack no matter doubt result IS to be weakened.

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