Most of us we love to pet a cat. Cat is the most famous pet after dog and today you will be happy to that there is also some healthy benefits to keeping a cat with you.


Pet a cat

To pet a cat is really benefits for hearts. It decrease the possibility of heart stroke. If you have a cat with you you will be stress free and relax. Stress and tension is the one of the main reason for stroke. So your cat can be very much helpful for your death reasons.

Blood Pressure:

Pet a cat

Pet a cat is really helpful to you for keeping yourself in lower blood pressure. Researcher finds that those who addicted on drug and have no cat with them they are facing in blood pressure. Your cat is help you to keep away yourself from tension so it is really healthy habit for you to keep with you a cat at least it is better than doing meditation.


Pet a cat

Another healthy reason to pet a cat is that it is helped you to keep yourself in lower cholesterol. And it reduce the possibility of stroke and heart-attack.

Boost up your Mood:

Pet a cat

If you pet a cat you will spent time with it. No matter how much stress you are or you are in bad mood it is proven a cat can change and also boost up your mood. There is time when you feel lonely that a cat can be your best friend because you can share your feelings with it.

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