Festival is an event which celebrates by a particular community. It represents the traditions and religions emotions. Here are some famous and beautiful festivals details.

1. Holi, Hindu Nations:

Holi, Hindu Nations

Holy is mostly celebrated in India. It is a colorful festival where people through colors to each other. They through dry colors called Ghulal, Abir etc and also through colored with water. Now a day’s every Indians celebrates this festival among whole worlds. They celebrate this festival to mark the Radha’s love for Lord Krishna. In this festival bonfire is also a important part it marks the death of evil spirit Holika. They celebrate these festivals in a spring season. It reveals the sign of love and colors of life.

2. The Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan:

The Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

The Sapporo Snow Festival held’s in Sapporo Japan. It held annually over seven days in February. The main place where the festival is held is Odori Park, Susukino and Tusdom. It is one of the most extraordinary and largest winter festivals in Japan. In this festival people make snow sculptures exhibited them to celebrate snow festival. Lots of people visit Sapporo to celebrate and see this festival. It is very popular festival among this world.

3. International Sand Sculpture Festival, Portugal:

International Sand Sculpture Festival, Portugal

This is the largest sand sculpture festival in this world. It is started from 2003 and from then it celebrates in every year. In this festival 60 sand artist use 35,000 ton 50 works of art. Every year the theme of the sand arts is changed. And to see their exhibition lots of tourist go there.

4. Lantern Festival, Asia:

Lantern Festival, Asia

Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrates in countries of Asia. This festival mostly celebrates in China, Malaysia and Singapore. In 15th day of lunar calendar they celebrate this festival. They marked it as a last day of lunar New Year. In this festival they display sky lanterns in the sky and create a beautiful view in whole place.

5. Carnival of Brazil:

Rio Carnival

This festival celebrates in Brazil marks the beginning of Lent. It is an annual festival happens forty days before Christmas. The carnival is catholic in nature; whole world can enjoy the pomp, colors, music’s and rhythms. The performers dressed very colorfully and perform nicely over the street. This is the most colorful festival in this world.

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