Now a day’s internet is growing much positive in every continuous day and it makes our life happy which solve our every day’s problems in whole world specially in mobile phone based internet. It helps to develop and increasing skilled labour and develop entrepreneurs, Rajeev Sethi the CEO of Grameenphone.

Grameenphone plays a vital role in social development and creating the strong social structure through various media like mobile based and internet based service from anywhere of the country.

The CEO of GP remain that the power of internet is undefined which is most important in the developing countries, proper use of internet is more important in the economy and social development. “It is for sure an astounding thing for a youth living in a separated town in Bangladesh,” he said alluding to his visit to a remote zone in Barisal as of late.

Rajeev Sethi belief that internet has the power by which can change the rural area`s life style and develop standard of living. And grameenphone internet always trying to develop its service to remote area for develop society and its benefit.

It is always not possible to provide proper quality education, medical service and qualityful product in rural area of developing country like Bangladesh. In the event that arrangements can be given to issues that individuals in remote ranges face with respect to training, wellbeing, and agribusiness through web, utilization of web access in these territories will increment in these zones.”

“The nature of our system is keeping pace with the majority of the created countries on the planet. He guaranteed, in 3G, our call drops is under 0.3%. Our normal call drop rate is 1%. Normal rate of Grameenphone 3G Internet is more than 1 Mbps,”

He added, GP is developing in every steps of quality service and in future it will provide superior service.

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