There are many types of vehicles in our present world. The word “car” is seemed to be derived from the Latin word Carrus or Carrum. Later the word “motor car” is associated from 1895 and is the formal name for cars in British-English.

A car is a kind of vehicle that is wheeled and self-powered motor vehicle and used for transportation. The definition which is mostly accepted that the cars are designed to run  on the roads primarily and then have seat for one to eight people. Usually a car has four wheels and it is built to transport people rather than goods. Over the decades after decades its design has been being changed from different shape, colour or model. And yet its been changing, in some cases trying to find design balancing to the environmental balance.

 In the automobile industry there are some renowned manufacturers where some of them have century breaking record. Here are some  producer who already broke their business boundary and cross to the worldwide like Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Mazda, Nissan etc. It is strongly believed that the automobile in the future will change dramatically. Additionally in the coming era there will be more and many changing and improvements in engine, fuel, materials. It can be said that the radial technological contribution to this sector may make it self- driven where there will be no drivers though it has been already tested by tech giant Google car section.

Take a look on some upcoming car model which could be believed that they will in future take the world market.


Fisker SArf-1

It was first launched in 2008 as North American International Auto Show. This model is clearly a hybrid edition in Fisker family. The luxury wagon of this model made internationally debut at the 2011 Frankurt motor show.

#No 2: The Renault DeZir Concept

The Renault DeZir Concept

This car is based on electric concept which is revealed in 2010 at Paris Motor Show in France. The butterfly doors of this give it a outstanding look yet inspiring too. This car is first concept by Renault.

#No 3: Peugeot Aureon Concept

Peugeot Aureon Concept

It is an innovative electric car design  and it is inspired by the look of an alien spaceship. Surprisingly the tires will be coated red to give the taste of flowing lava on the lava. It will also give you the clear view of the outside while riding on the car.



The Audi A9 Concept is specially developed by the Spanish designer Daniel Garcia is a kind of luxury sports saloon. Here the four touch screen displays with a navigation system allows passenger to chose their route which is later displayed over driver’s screen.

#No 5:  Hovercraft


Hovercraft never took off first they were produce in 1950 but after a long time the two cousins Michael Mercier and Chris Jones are trying to bring hovercraft into the 21st century with a extra-ordinary creation.

#No 6: Chevy EN-V

Chevy EN-V 2.0

This model yet not been tested in the street as it is still in conception. It is equipped with LiDAR sensors, cameras and it is more vehicle-to- X capabilities as it could be aware of near cars and also communicate with them. It can get into touch by your phone call.

It is believed that there will be more concept which will really have effect on future transportation.

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