In this world there are lots of amazing creation. Smallest animals is another glittering creation in this world. here I write about some smallest living animal.

1. Pygmy Marmoset:

Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset is the world’s smallest animals. It is the newest invention of the animal researcher. Now it is the smallest monkey breeds in this world. it founds in Amazon rain forest. They are also known as Pocket Monkey, Dwarf Monkey and Little Lion. They are so small as their weight is only 4 oz to 5 oz and only 6 in long. Their body is fully fluffed up and they looks fat and round in shape. Their all characteristics is like other monkeys and they also cover them tree leaf and cling to trees. Pygmy Marmoset is love to live with groups but not in large there group is only with 12 members. They have sharp teeth. Their diet routine is different from other monkey breeds usually they survive with gum and tree sap. They also eat insects, fruits, small plants. The mother Pygmy Marmoset usually birth twins at one times. Now humans take them as their pets but it is harmful for this primates natural habitat and it can also destroy this amazing creature.

2. Miniature Horse:

Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse is the world’s smallest horse. It is found in many places in world. But it mostly founds in the Europe and the America. Its height is not more than a big dog. It is less than 34-38 inches. It is so small that it can be easily lap. they can be in many colors. There are mainly two types of miniature horse one is AMHR and another is AMHA. Their food habits is as like as other genre horses. They are so friendly in nature so that people usually take it as family pet.

3. Bee Hummingbirds:

Bee Hummingbirds
Bee Hummingbirds is one of the smallest animals and the smallest birds in the world. They also known as Helena hummingbird, Zunzún hummingbird or Zunzuncito bird. This bird is mostly 1.97-2.36 inches length and 0.06-0.07 oz weight. It is mainly found in Cuba Island Florida USA. This birds prefer subtropical climate for living. they mostly found in forests, gardens, swampland’s and mountain valleys. But now this species have seen very few. They have taken different bright colors. They usually eat smalls flowers, herbs, trees, neophytes and shrubs. They usually breeds from March-June. They also have melodious vocal sounds. this smallest birds loved by people for their beautiful color, nature and voice.

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