8th march the International Women’s Day, in 2016 the day is Tuesday, the Indian celebrity Shah Rukh Khan express a special message for this day for women of the wrold and he said he regularly wishes to have been born a woman.

Shah Rukh tweeted on Tuesday, “Frequently I want to be a lady… At that point acknowledge I don’t have enough guts, talent, and sense of sacrifice, selfless love or beauty to be one. Much obliged to you young ladies,” Shah Rukh tweeted on Tuesday.

He even talked about it in a sincere visit on #fame, a live video social stage, where he additionally examined about the different things he is a devotee of. The 50-year-old addressed inquiries regarding his most loved films, his most loved sustenance, his most loved books, his craziest fans and then some.

Sharing a special message for International Women’s Day, he said: “I am a fan of all the women in the world. I love each one of you equally. More power to women, more strength to women and more freedom to women, to make the choices and do the stuff they want to do. I want to thank all the women this Women’s Day.” On the work front, Shah Rukh is preparing for the arrival of his film “Fan”, which rotates around a young man from Delhi named Gaurav who sets out on a trip to the city of dreams, Mumbai, keeping in mind the end goal to wish his most loved performing artist Aryan Khanna on his birthday.

As Gaurav and as Aryan Khanna, Shah Rukh is prepared to treat his genuine fans with a double symbol, and he has conceded that it took some doing to chip away at the make-up for his part as Gaurav.

Co-ordinated by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, “Fan” also features Shriya Pilgaonkar among others. The film is slated for an April 15 release.

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