Fitness trackers are a hot occasion thing, and there’s a chance you got one as a blessing this year.

The Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung, needs to take it up a score. The organization said Tuesday that it’s chipping away at a supposed “bio-processor” pressed with complex measuring devices that can track measurements like muscle to fat quotients, stress level, skeletal bulk, heart rate and beat, and skin temperature.

The extra abilities could transform wellness trackers from a basic blessing into a more indispensable wellbeing GPS beacon that can give particular information helpful to more than just competitors. Samsung is hoping to benefit from our expanding fixation on wellbeing and prosperity.

That fixation is borne out in the items that overwhelm the blossoming business sector of wearable tech. The top player is wellness tracker Fitbit, trailed by the Apple Watch and China’s Xiaomi, a cell phone player that additionally makes a modest wellness tracker called the Mi Band. Complete shipments of wearable gadgets grew 198 percent in the second from last quarter over a year prior, as per IDC.

This chip might give Samsung’s own smartwatches an edge over the opposition. The organization dropped out of the main five players in the second from last quarter, as per IDC.

It won’t simply be smartwatches. Samsung said it has made counterfeit gadgets, including a wristband and patch, to exhibit how the chip could be utilized. The organization focuses on the little size of the chip, particularly given the majority of the sensors pressed inside, as a key point of preference.

Samsung said the chip is underway now and will be accessible for wellness and wellbeing gadgets in the first 50% of 2016.


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