Yeah! Samsung thinking about the next generation and making ultra modern apps for mobile user and PC user. Now they are going to make chips for next generation gaming graphics. Definitely that will be the very good news for the next generation and who are using product from Samsung Electronics Ltd. So next generation please be happy wait for the new gaming graphics chips. Actually people really unable to wait to get new updated chips, we want this in hurry. I hope each people saying deliver this gaming graphics very quickly.

Samsung preferences being the first child on the piece with new memory items, and has done it again with a kind of DRAM. The supposed HBM2 modules can control through information at the rate of 256GBps (with a capital “B”), making them an incredible seven times quicker than the best DDR5 chips available. The organization said the 20-nanometer chips are for the most part gone for server makers why should willing spend for the most recent toys. Be that as it may, they will likewise permit NVIDIA and AMD to quicken execution (and diminish power utilization) altogether on up and coming design cards.

Samsung is building 4GB modules with four layers of 8-gigabit centers, yet anticipates presenting 8GB items with eight stacks before the year’s over. The organization said that “by determining [the chips] in illustrations cards, originators will have the capacity to appreciate a space reserve funds of more than 95 percent contrasted with GDDR5 DRAM.” That implies NVIDIA and AMD can construct more size-effective cards that run cooler and quicker – and in this way play Crysis all the more easily. The 4GB chips Samsung is building now could wind up in cutting edge shopper cards, while 8GB models will probably wind up in top of the line NVIDIA Kepler and AMD FIrePro workstations.

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