At the point when Samsung divulged the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge cell phones, it offered a really pleasant allurement to pre-request purchasers: A free Galaxy Samsung Gear VR headset and six game pack worth $150. In the event that you plunked your cash down or are wanting to do as such before March eighteenth, you can now guarantee your treats through another entrance on Samsung’s site. You should do nothing more than select the transporter or retailer you purchased it from and take after the directions. Verizon purchasers can pick a Gear S2 smartwatch esteemed at $300 rather, while T-Mobile clients get a free year of Netflix on top of the Gear VR, a $120 advantage.

Sprint clients will be sent the Samsung Gear VR straightforwardly, while others should hold up four to six weeks to get their treats. You’ll have to supply the telephone’s EMEI, WiFi data and a photo of the receipt. In our survey of the customer Gear VR, we called it an “easy decision” for proprietors of Galaxy gadgets, and we’d say that applies in case you’re considering getting a Galaxy S7 gadget as well. It’s superior to anything plunking down $600 on an Oculus Rift or $800 on a Vive VR and afterward choosing you really abhor virtual reality.

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