Holding up to check whether Samsung can revive its cell phone deals streak with Galaxy S7? You won’t be holding up long: media welcomes, and also a tease-beside nothing teaser video have both surfaced, with the most remarkable focuses being that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be uncovered amid the yearly versatile surge of Mobile World Congress (in Barcelona, amigo), and that you can hope to sit during a time of highlight summaries and graceful pontificating on February 21st. (On the other hand, attend to a supercut of the most critical parts.)

The teaser video, inserted for the purpose of it existing, incorporates a fellow decked out in Samsung’s Gear VR headset. Possibly there will be some virtual reality highlights? On the other hand possibly you’ll have the capacity to look at the dispatch occasion in full 360-degree vision – in the event that you have Gear VR and a perfect (impending out of date) cell phone.

In spite of its predecessor(s) being Samsung’s best telephones in years is Samsung Galaxy S7, the organization is truly searching for a hit. Be that as it may. what else do we think about the Galaxy S7? All things considered, very little. Truth be told even the name isn’t affirmed, however gossipy tidbits point to a touchscreen that can recognize solid and weak touch information – like the iPhone’s as of late waved. The WSJ’s report likewise indicates quick charging: something we can all be doing with.

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