Samsung are not simply depending on notice marks and “read the manual” recommendations to keep individuals from embeddings the Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen the wrong way. A Phandroid peruser has found that more up to date Note 5 models have an overhauled space outline that makes it practical to launch a regressive stylus without breaking the identification instrument – you won’t need to freeze in light of a straightforward mix-up. It’s not sure which models have this stealthy redesign, in spite of the fact that it wouldn’t be astonishing if a significant number of the freshest units measure up.

Samsung has not remarked on the change. It’s not a stunning move, be that as it may. Numerous organizations make calm corrections to gadgets in light of imperfections they didn’t suspect in the outline process. It’s simply this defect happened to be made exceptionally open rapidly, and was moderately avoidable (before Notes didn’t have this issue). One thing’s without a doubt: the odds of destroying your mammoth new Samsung telephone ought to be that much lower.

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