Since last several days Real Madrid are not in form and unable make good position in games. In last they lost against Atletico Madrid in their hoe ground. Here i am going to show some important reasons behind the crisis of Real Madrid.

Very much important issue crisis of Real Madrid and it’s not in light of their 1-0 misfortune to Atletico Madrid and their 12-direct shortfall toward Barcelona in La Liga. Their most recent undertaking at an entire is skewing off kilter, springing more holes. There are numerous variables behind this aggregate breakdown of certainty between administration, staff and open.

Crisis of Ronaldo

Reasons behind the crisis of Real Madrid are given below – 

1. THE SACKING OF ANCELOTTI: The Italian was discharged in the mid year subsequent to neglecting to win any significant titles. He had won four trophies in 2014 and had the appreciation and love of the players, general society and the media. It was insufficient for the executives, who settled on Rafa Benitez, with obvious results: Zinedine Zidane assumed control in January. Ancelotti looking like style has saturated the apparel and diversion, however time spent is no more recuperated. His style, reminiscent of Ancelotti’s, has penetrated into the group and the fans yet that squandered time has taken a toll them.

2. A POORLY PLANNED PRE-SEASON: The entire group now acknowledges this, whether it was a direct result of who was in control (Rafa Benitez) or the measure of travel included in the depleting however now-conventional summer voyage through Australia, China and Germany. By and by, financial choices took predecence over brandishing ones. In truth, the arrangement was at that point set up when Benitez arrived – and the format for his rule was set by that poor readiness.

3. A MISMANAGED TRANSFER WINDOW: The normal capacity of any given player in the squad was higher after the exchange window than it was before – be that as it may, the main major new signings were Danilo (who has not paid off) and Mateo Kovacic, alongside a modest bunch of ‘in-house’ fortifications, for example, Denis Cheryshev, Casemiro, Lucas Vazquez and Kiko Casilla. Yet, there was no indication of a striker, another left-back, an immaculate focal midfielder or a goalkeeper, with the quest for David de Gea finishing in catastrophe on the most recent day of the window. The outcome: an unequal squad for yet one more year. Indeed, even before the derby, the lack in advance and on the left could be seen.

4. CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, BETTING AGAINST THE PLAYERS: The changing area is not content with the present therapeutic boss, Dr Olmo. They even ventured to request that Florentino Perez sack him. In the mid year the club selected to give Dr Olmo a solid sponsorship, sacking the half of the therapeutic staff nearest to the changing area. It was a stun to the players. The harm sickness is not kidding: 22 wounds, with a few backslides and deferred recuperation times.

5. KEY PLAYERS STRUGGLING: A harm emergency has influenced any semblance of Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, who have spent numerous days on the treatment table. A lot of different players are performing beneath their best, in any case, under both Benitez and Zidane: Cristiano Ronaldo, Toni Kroos, Isco, James Rodriguez, Pepe, Raphael Varane, Keylor Navas… between every one of them, they have cut down the group’s exhibitions.

6. A LACK OF SOLUTIONS FOR THEIR PROBLEMS: Real Madrid subscribe to a free enterprise reasoning. The splits are just ever papered over. Thus, Los Blancos are as yet playing to the same arrangements and frameworks of two years prior despite the fact that they no more have the same players or qualities. That as well as the beginning XI infrequently gets a shake-up. Just Zidane has attacked the issue head-on with Bale and Danilo, however others are permitted to be self-satisfied. Then, while they may not be immediate reasons for the emergency, a lot of different issues have been contrarily influencing the environment around the changing area and the club all in all.

7. THE FREEZING-OUT OF IKER CASILLAS: He is a living legend for Real Madrid, and was one of the pioneers in the changing area, however Casillas was ponderously demonstrated the way to Porto. It was a peculiar way out for the goalkeeper and, lately, promote news has sifted through of the breaks that opened amid the transactions for his way out. The Madrid players completely objected to the club’s treatment of Casillas.

8. Dangerous NEGOTIATIONS FOR SERGIO RAMOS’S RENEWAL: For various weeks the No.4 was closer to Manchester than Madrid. In that limbo between a recharging and a way out, the chief saw a few unfavorable reports about the transactions hit the news. Ramos is a standout amongst the most regarded players in the changing area, by Cristiano Ronaldo among others, and the self-dangerous assault inside of the club was never fully caught on.

9. LINELIGIBLE LINE-UP IN THE COPA: Nobody at the club has ever assumed liability yet the ‘Denis case’ not just harmed Real Madrid’s open picture and notoriety additionally finished their odds of a trophy at the main obstacle.

10. FIFA’S SANCTIONS FOR THE ‘MINORS CASE’: Even however the Appeals Committee has allowed Madrid a stay of execution – they might have the capacity to sign players next summer – the harm to the club’s open picture is not only pivotal in banning them from two exchange windows. It is bigly affecting the squad’s future, impacting recharges, deals and buys. Numerous players as of now have an attentive eye on what is to come.

11. CRISTIANO RONALDO’S STATEMENTS: Even with the forward endeavoring to backtrack on what to all plans and purposes seemed, by all accounts, to be an assault on the squad, his flammable words contained a few shots at the board, for a poor pre-season and frustrating work from the club specialists. With everything taken into account, the inclination is not that everybody is pulling in same heading at the Santiago Bernabeu.

12. THE MOVEMENT AGAINST FLORENTINO PEREZ: It is not yet extremely solid but rather fans are composed, but in little gatherings and with questionable pioneers, for example, the “Ultras” components. The cries of ‘Florentino, leave’, be that as it may, are spreading over the Bernabeu. In the derby it was heard interestingly since Zidane assumed control and not simply from specific pockets of the backing. Those cries strike at fans and hurt the air.


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