Why Messi really COULD leave Barcelona for the Premier League… with Man City leading the pursuit. The four-time Ballon d’Or champion has been related with a move to the Premier League, with the Etihad Stadium suit ongoing to lay the underpinning for an extraordinary transmission.

It would be the nightmare authorization for any club on the earth, the type of enormous contract joked about by admirers from Altrincham to Zaragoza. Like charming the sweepstakes, it is such an imaginary, uncompromising determination that millions of persons devote a few fleeting instants of their day speculating how things would alteration if they were always to get fortunate sufficient. Most know they not once will.

But in Lionel Messi, as imaginary as it may complete to some, chance could in fact collision in the coming periods. And the carriages of Europe’s unlikeliest and premium are rotating. Manchester United and Chelsea, for two, have been accredited with attention and investigations, as have the likes of Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich.

It is Manchester City, though, who trust they lead the way must Messi ever come to proceed the Nou Camp. Such is the difficulty and fragility of the transfer, many dissimilar things would have to fall into home for it to happen, but the powerbrokers at City are prepared and to come to jump.

It is unspoken that high-profile City officials held a relaxed meeting with Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father, in Sao Paulo as newscast first arose that Barca were conspiracy a move for Neymar. Messi’s camp was anxious about the complications of the deal – could the two play composed? Who will be the stellar of the show? – and City were keen to discover the lay of the terrestrial. City then, perchance playfully, hurled their own move for Neymar, 12 months ahead of Barca’s prearranged bid. The Catalans, in turn, enhanced their exertions and the Brazilian phenomenon and Messi were shove into the same attention.

Neymar, of sequence, has been nothing but respectful towards Messi ever since incoming at Camp Nou, and the two, together with Luis Suarez, have liked great success collected. City would have to delay a little lengthier. It would take an enormous shift in Barcelona’s political scenery for Messi to leave. It is unspoken he would one day be open to a big move away, most likely to England, but there is the not inconsiderable matter of his legacy in Catalunya at stake. An acrimonious split is not on Messi’s agenda.

Any Barca president would also be loath to allow the club’s greatest ever player to walk away on his watch.But the Spanish state’s ongoing tax case against the Messis could prove to be the smoking gun. Barcelona fans, perhaps typical of Spanish football theatre, believe dark forces are behind the decision to pursue not only Jorge Messi but Lionel, too.

The player himself is known to be unhappy with the situation. Even if the chances of going to jail are minimal, he will be on trial next year unless he admits the charge of evading €4m in tax. The handful of clubs that could afford to tempt Messi – who, according to a Mundo Deportivo report this week, earns more than double Neymar and Suarez at €22m per year – are circling the wagons. Even a release clause of €250m has not deterred them.

Real Madrid have tried and failed (at the earliest possible stages) to sign Messi on several occasions. Florentino Perez’s enquiries never make it past the first firm ‘no’. No doubt United would be interested – they’ve already tried to lever Neymar from Camp Nou – and Bayern boast the financial might (and potential Adidas backing) to at least explore a move.


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