Yes, is it right a Google employee lives in a truck i the parking lot to save money. Who don’t want to save money? Each and every guys always seeks to save money.

Brandon is a 23-year-old software engineer at Google in California. But instead of paying extortionate Silicon Valley rent prices, Brandon lives in a truck in the parking lot.

We are really astonished to get this news because of Google always paying highest maximum salary than the others organization. If Brandon getting maximum salary so why he going to save money by living in a truck. The journalist got the stuck when saw a truck in front of Google’s office named “Brandon’s House”. The 23 years old guy Brandon living in truck now for save money. Why he takes this decision may be want to save more money. He want to donate money or giving money to the family or helping to others guys who facing problem.

Whatever it is the question is there, he is saving money for future to help himself or others.


Image courtesy: Business Insider

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