Real Madrid included a term in Manchester United’s arrangement for Angel Di Maria that adequately kept him from leaving for Barcelona. Angel Di Maria who is the Argentina`s forward and the star of football world.

The Argentinian left Old Trafford after under 12 months at the club, however a term in his consent to at first join United implied that he would not be going to Spain.The understanding came to in August 2014 by Real Madrid and Manchester United progressing of Argentina’s Angel di Maria incorporated a few statements to keep his exchange to another Spanish group, with punishments of 30 to 50 million euros ($33.3 to $55.5 million).

A duplicate of the concurrence with every one of the subtle elements of the exchange was uncovered on Friday by the shriek blowing site Football Leaks whose creators say they are Portuguese yet stay mysterious, reports Efe.

Real Madrid consented to exchange the Argentinian playmaker in return for 75 million euros ($83.2 million), separated into three periods of 25 million euros each ($27.7 million), and finishes in August 2016.

The record which is additionally expresses that the English side needs to pay 5 million euros ($5.5 million) to Real Madrid if Di Maria achieved the last rundown of contender to win the Ballon d’Or and another 5 million euros in the event that he won the grant. Additionally included are different procurements went for punishing a speculative exchange of Di Maria to another Spanish group other than Real Madrid.

All things considered, United would have needed to pay 50 million euros ($55.5 million) if the Argentine had been exchanged to another La Liga club in the mid year of 2015; 40 million euros ($44.4 million) from that date until the late spring of 2016, and 30 million ($33.3 million) until the summer 2017.

In the event that the buyer was Barcelona, the penalty of 30 million euros would be extended to 2019, according to the document revealed on Friday.

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