Russia`s President Vladimir Putin said in an interview, Russia wants to fight terrorism jointly with the rest of the world, while again accusing the West of exacerbating international crises that had contributed to it, published on Monday.

“We are confronted with normal dangers, despite everything we need all nations, both in Europe and the entire world, to join their endeavors to battle these dangers, and we are as yet taking a stab at this,” Putin said in a colossal meeting with Germany’s Bild daily paper.

“I allude to terrorism, as well as to wrongdoing, trafficking in persons, natural assurance, and numerous other normal difficulties,” he said. “Yet this does not imply that it is us who ought to concur with everything that others settle on these or different matters.”

Russia’s air force is attacking targets in Syria and Moscow says it aims to undermine Islamic State, which has been joined by thousands of Russian citizens and now poses a serious threat to national security. The group claimed responsibility for downing a Russian airliner over Egypt in October, killing 224 people.Be that as it may, Russia has not joined a US-drove coalition doing strikes on Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and Washington and its partners say Moscow’s strikes are just gone for helping beset Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stay in force. Putin said past Western military mediations in Iraq and Libya had added to an upsurge in terrorism in these nations and somewhere else, repeating what he had told the United Nations General Assembly in September.

He hit out at NATO’s extension toward Russia’s outskirts after the Soviet Union’s destruction in 1991 and at a hostile to rocket shield being raised by the United States, blaming the West’s development after the Cold War of compounding worldwide emergencies.

Putin attracted consideration regarding a statement in the peace understanding that obliged Ukraine to present protected change before a year ago’s over, calling this “the primary, the key issue in the settlement process”.

The France and Germany leaders, “should scrutinize these matters all the more altogether”.

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